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Working for 8K’s Continued Progress

Participation in the Work Groups of the 8K Association (8KA) is open to members at the Associate and higher level. In order to be a part of a work group you must be a member of the 8K Association.

8K Association Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors for the 8K Association are elected from Principal members to provide oversight of the Association’s activities and set strategic direction and goals.

8K Association Officers

Photo of Bill Mandel
Bill Mandel
Samsung Research America
Photo of Chris Chinook
Executive Director
Chris Chinook
Insight Media
Kathy Loney
VTM Group
Cassie Graves
VTM Group

8K Association Board Members

Samsung Display
Samsung Electronics

Our Work Groups

The Technical Work Group develops the specifications for certifying 8K TVs. Members look at the key trends in 8K display and playback to add new features and options to ensure consumers have an enjoyable and up-to-date experience with their 8K TVs.

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You must be an 8KA member to join a Work Group.

Photo of KG Lee
KG Lee
Samsung Electronics
Photo of Byeongdoo Choi
Byeongdoo Choi

The Certification Work Group must develop the test methods to validate that an 8K TV meets the rigorous performance and interface requirements set forth in the 8K TV Technical Specification. This group also works with manufactures to validate self-certification results and to audit third party test labs to test 8K TVs to the 8KA spec. This group also will perform market audits of available Certified 8K TVs to validate the as-manufactured products still meet the 8KA specification.

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You must be an 8KA member to join a Work Group.

Photo of Pete Sellar
Pete Sellar
Photo of Juan Reyes
Certification Program Manager
Juan Reyes
Tech Align Group

The Marketing Work Group helps to manage the 8KA newsletter, The 8K Monitor, develops 8KA press releases, helps coordinate seminar presentations and webinars, organizes media briefings, performs outreach to certain groups, executes social media postings, manages the 8KA YouTube videos, and updates/maintains the organization’s two web sites ( and

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You must be an 8KA member to join a Work Group.

Photo of Aaron Dew
Aaron Dew
Photo of Dan Schinasi
Dan Schinasi
Samsung Electronics America

The Content & Distribution Work Group focuses on expanding the creation of 8K content and help to improve the technology and business case for the distribution of 8K content. Part of its mission is to secure 8K content for use by members and other select organizations via the Content Creator membership option. The group also tries to support independent filmmakers in their quest to capture and finish content in 8K. Members are also participating in the creation of new 8K reference content in a project organized by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).

Other activities include outreach and liaison with Standards Development Organization particularly in the distribution part of the ecosystem, help with benchmarking in encoding/decoding solutions, and tests to validate the visual improvement that 8K content can offer.

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You must be an 8KA member to join a Work Group.

Photo of Bruce Markoe
Work Group Chair
Bruce Markoe
Photo of Des Cary
Des Cary
Samsung Research America

The Legal Work Group deals with contracts and matters that may require legal counsel to advise on. It also manages the Trademark actions the 8KA undertakes.

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You must be an 8KA member to join a Work Group.

Photo of Yeowan Youn
Yeowan Youn
Samsung Electronics
Photo of Stephan Wenger
Stephan Wenger