LOOKING BEYOND 8K INTO A SUPER RESOLUTION FUTURE – The industry isn’t stopping at 8K. All bets are off in a million megapixel-plus future where massive digital screens, VR and lightfields take centre stage.

8K Live Streaming over the Internet Showcased by a Group of Industry Leaders – In a significant milestone for the adoption of 8K, Intel, NHK Technologies, PSNC, Spin Digital, and Globo collaborate to deliver a live 8K program to multiple locations worldwide.

ETRI/KBS Trial Demonstrates Viability of 8K OTA Delivery Via ATSC 3.0 – ATSC 3.0 quietly achieved a significant milestone in South Korea Sept.14-18 and again Oct. 19-23 with over-the-air transmission of 8K television.

HEVC Real-time Software Encoder for 8K Live Video ApplicationsIn this paper Spin Digital introduces Spin Enc Live, a high-quality and high-performance 8K HEVC real-time encoder designed for high-end applications in 8K broadcasting an internet streaming. Using an optimized CPU-based implementation, the encoder is able to achieve quality and compression levels similar to best-in-class offline encoders (typically used for VoD) while, at the same time, providing the performance required for processing 8Kp60 videos in real-time.

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Super Hi-Vision as Next-Generation Television and Its Video Parameters – NHK study on the ability of viewers to see beyond the normal limits of visual acuity when presented with 8K images viewed at a close distance.  Subjects feel an increased sense of “realness” in these images.

Understanding 8K TV – Retina is not the limit of resolution: Your brain sees more nice article describing how the brain processes visual images and why 8K may not be the limit in display devices.

8K is Right on Track – Summary of presentation by Michael Cioni of Panavision on parallels between 4K and 8K adoption.

The dawn of the 8K era? – Good summary of the state of 8K as of IBC 2018

World’s first 8K TV channel launches this week – Summary of the 8K content that is being broadcast by NHK starting December 1 with some nice history on the development effort by NHK.