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November 9, 2021

Technology That Brings Sporting Events to Fans, Coffee & Codecs, ep 2

–The past and present of sports broadcasting
–A sharp focus on sports from HD to 4K to 8K viewing
–Predictions for technology trends and how they will affect sports viewing

Dave Euson, Presales and Technical Account Manager, Dalet
Chris Chinnock, Executive Director, 8K Association
Thomas Kramer, VP Strategy & Biz Dev, MainConcept
Geoff Gordon, VP Marketing, MainConcept

Live online Nov 9 12:00 pm EDT


From local schools and colleges to professional sports leagues and the Olympics, watching sports is a pastime around the world. More people than ever are viewing the games across a variety of platforms, both fixed (TVs) and mobile (smartphones, PCs). Feeding content to a multitude of device types is never easy. Now factor in hundreds of hours of footage, both live and canned, with complex overlays and captioning, distributed to a global audience