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April 10, 2019

8K All-Day Seminar

NAB 2019

NAB 8K Seminar, Produced by the 8K Association
April 10, 2019, room 216, 9am – 5 pm

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Session Topic Company Speaker
Overview Welcome Insight Media Chris Chinnock
8K: Wait – How’d We Get Here So Quickly? Roam Consulting Pete Putman,
8K Association Overview 8K Association Chris Chinnock,
Executive Director
Production & Distribution I 8K Production Made Easy ColorFront Bill Feightner,
8K in the Cloud Cinegy Jan Weigner,
Versatile Video Coding – The Next Standard Fraunhofer Heinrich
Hertz Institute
Benjamin Bross,
Project Manager, Video Coding
and Analytics Department
The Benefits of 8K From Acquisition to Post Red Digital Cinema Dan Duran,
Post Technology Specialist
8KA, ColorFront, Cinergy, HHI and RED Panel discussion Pete Putman,
Production & Distribution II 8K Video Compression Ateme Thomas Burnichon,
Director of Technology
Live Production in 8K Made Simple With TICO RDD35 and JPEG-XS IntoPIX Jean-Baptiste Lorent,
Product & Marketing manager
8K Transmissions via DTH Satellite SES Video Thomas Wrede,
VP New Technology & Standards
More Than Just Resolution: The Artistic Side of 8K Panavision/Light Iron Michael Cioni,
Senior Vice President of Innovation
Consumption HDMI 2.1 Support for 8K Helps Drive Video Technologies into the Future HDMI Licensing Rob Tobias,
Hardware Manufacterers Spearhead the Charge to 8K FutureSource Tristan Veale,
Market Analyst |
Media & Entertainment
The Future of 8K Displays for Business, Broadcast and Beyond Samsung Electronics America John McAndrews,
Technical Account Manager
TCL (Aaron Dew, TV Product Development, TCL), HDMI, Samsung, FutureSource Panel Discussion Chris Chinnock,