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November 20, 2022

We Need More 8K Content

As almost anyone in the 8K ecosystem would agree, we need more 8K content if the market is to expand. This was one of the points made by Sam Metivier of AVPro Edge in a recent call. In addition, he sees a need for 8K streaming devices and maybe even ultra-wide aspect gaming monitors.

AVPro sells equipment and services in both the commercial AV and residential markets. On the residential side, consumers are buying 8K sets, but without native 8K content, they need to upscale everything. Since 8K TVs have the best processing and picture quality, 8K upscaling works well – certainly on 4K content. Metivier was a bit concerned when trying to upscale SD, 720p, or 1080i content, which can demand much more pixel creation than if displayed on a 4K TV. “The 8K TV can struggle with interlaced content, I have noticed,” said Metivier.

“I think consumers are hungry for higher quality content. For example, National Geographic captures in 8K but does not deliver in 8K, so I think that is a great area where 8K can create a value proposition,” continued Metivier. “Scanning of legacy film content is another area – even black and white films with AI-based coloration can create a lot of content.”

How Can You Recoup 8K Investment?

We agree more 8K content is needed, but any content owner will want to understand how they could recoup their investment and profit from such a venture. And without a widely available 8K premium streaming service, it would be hard to monetize such an investment.

Metivier wants to see an Apple TV or Amazon Firestick support 8K streaming. “We need this to help kickstart the market,” thinks Metivier.

AVPro sells an 8K HDMI2.1-based matrix switcher for residential and commercial use. Still, it is being sold not on its 8K capabilities but on its ability to support 4K/120 fps content, mainly gaming. “4K resolution is fine for longer distance viewing, with 8K having a big benefit as you get closer, so the picture does not fall apart. That’s why I think there is a great opportunity for monitor makers to consider moving to an 8Kx2K resolution curved format for immersive gaming. I also hope the consoles will soon support 8K outputs.”

(The discussion took place around the time that Samsung teased a new 32:9 ultrawide monitor with 8K by 2K resolution and took advantage of the latest DisplayPort 2.1 standard during an AMD launch event!)

“8K and 4K seem fine for most applications today. In the future, I think we will see display makers moving to create displays with higher frame rates, more luminance, more bit depth, wider color gamut, and innovative pixel formats,” concluded Metivier.

On the commercial side, Metivier sees LED walls as where 8K content will be needed, as well as 4K/120 content.

Overall, Metivier believes 8K will become well entrenched in the residential and commercial markets, but we need to see more ecosystem development first.

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