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January 11, 2022

Videos from the CES22 show floor

Attendance may have been down by a whopping 70% on the 2020 edition of CES, but there were nevertheless 45k visitors to this year’s edition. Many shows would be happy with the level of attendance. The sparser crowds and fewer journalists allowed for some more in-depth coverage as there was more time to take things in, and some vendors like TCL, Hisense, or Samsung retained relatively full booths, despite others pulling out altogether. Our editor, Chris Chinnock, was on the front lines and posted seven videos from CES2022 live from the show floor covering 8K TVs.

VVC demo by TCL

Chris was intrigued by TCL’s VVC demo and a little surprised with the high data rate of this technology demonstrator. We have written a lot on VVC, often seen as a critical enabler for 8K, as you can see the 8K TV Videos from CES2022 here. Chris’s ninety-second CES 22 video is here.

hisense logo
Hisense TVs and Laser TVs

The Hisense 8K TV lineup is presented here in another ninety-second video, with little news since our article in May. Chris also covered Hisense’s projector-based Laser TV announcement here.


Here you can see Chris’ two-minute video showing TCL’s 8K TVs for 2022. And in this one, you can have a peek at the technology demonstrator for TCL’s ultra-thin ultra-bright fourth-generation miniLED technology.

samsung display member logo
Samsung QD display technology

Chris explains how Samsung Display’s new OLED technology works in this video, although the TVs are not yet available in 8K resolution. Read this in-depth article with more on this breakthrough technology.

Samsung Electronics

Another cool demo from Samsung shows the real-time casting of an 8K stream from a Samsung phone to an 8K TV. This video describes some of the new TV features in Samsung 4K and 8K TVs, while this video describes upgrades to gaming features. Samsung also showed new microLED TVs

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