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January 10, 2024

VESA Updates DisplayPort to Version 2.1a for Longer Cables

VESA has updated DisplayPort to Version 2.1a to boost the output to 54Gbps when four lanes are being used over a two meter passive cable (twice the length seen before) and has a new DP54 UHBR cable specification that supersedes the existing DP40 cable specification. VESA confirmed that existing certified DP40 cables are also compliant with DP54.

The DP54 cables with four lanes of UHBR13.5 can suppport 8K x 2K at 240 Hz for wide screen gaming or 8K x 4K (full 8K) at 120Hz.

At CES, the organization also updated its Adaptive Sync test specification to support displays that can operate with two distinct resolutions/frame rates (e.g. 4K/144Hz and 1080p/280Hz)

VESA also added a new Automotive Extension specification for error checking on DP usage in vehicles.

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