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May 13, 2021

TVBEurope Provides Insights Into 8K Production from Das Boot Season 3

TVBEurope interviews Moritz Polter, executive producer of Das Boot (also known for Spotless or Crossing Lines). In the article “Das Boot sets sail with 8K”, he discusses shooting season 3 in 8K, after having already produced the first two seasons in 4K.

The project’s 8K impetus comes from Sky, Samsung, and the show’s production company Bavaria Fiction.

TVB Europe’s May 21 Cover

The magazine article is brimming with real-world feedback of what it’s like to actually shoot in 8K today. Issues include the nagging challenge of finding the right filters and lenses for the job or how to artistically avoid too much detail in some scenes while still letting viewers benefit from their full 8K HDR experience. RED cameras were used.

In the artistic choices that must be made with new technology, Polter also discusses the design of 3D soundscapes using Dolby Atmos.

Filming is over and as the team gears up for post-production Polter notes that they will, for example, need to do all grading on consumer TVs. Editing will use lower resolution proxy files because of the dearth of post-production technology that is ready for 8K.

It is not yet clear how Sky will be able to broadcast the new season in 8K resolution in 2022 to its customers with 8K TVs, that’s a bridge to cross later.

We applaud Moritz Polter’s approach to the chicken and egg issue that concerns any new content format, stating “I believe that if you don’t create 8K material there will never be a distribution line for 8K material”.

Note that in the same issue (on page 17), Dolby’s Simon Gauntlett offers an optimistic view on 8K in his interview on HDR and NGA.