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March 20, 2024

TCL/CSOT Reveals More on 158″ LCD

In a recent press release, the panel making division of TCL, the CSOT group, announced a 158″ LCD for ‘blackboard’ use that has been shown in Chia. We reached out to the firm for more details as it has historically been very difficult to create LCDs over 110″ to 120″ (for technical readers, this is related to the difficulty of driving the pixels efficiently over the relatively long electrodes from the edge of the panel). This challenge has been avoided by using two 4K LCDs with very narrow bezels. These are put side by side with the bezel area being covered with a miniLED-based strip that hides the bezel area.

This is very similar in principle to a system for tiling LCDs that was promoted and developed by a company called Pallas LCD (that the writer has reported on since 2013). The image on the right shows the idea, although the photo was taken at ISE in 2015. We found a video from 2013 here, although the firm’s website doesn’t seem to be active any more. No doubt, the technology has developed and improved with smaller LEDs and to be less visible in recent years. After 2013, the number of LEDs tended to increase each year as they got smaller, making the seam less visible. Typically, the data from the edge of the LCDs was used to create a ‘fill’ image. In the CSOT application, it’s unclear how the data is derived. The resolution is given as 7720 x 2160, which suggests that there are around 40 ‘extra pixels’ available as dual UltraHD panels would give 7680 pixels in width.

The demo system used a magnetic system to fix the ‘fill-in’ display and the viewing angle is quoted as 130 degrees.

The use of dual displays is quite common in educational and meeting room interactive displays as it is not practical to have the full height of 16:9 displays if you want to use touch.

TCL CSOT posted a video on Twitter showing the display and quoted the colour range as 100% of sRGB. Other details were not given and the company was unsure if the displays would be shown at SID Display Week in May 2024.

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