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October 11, 2021

Synamedia’s New Solutions Can Encode Live 8K

Independent video software provider Synamedia announced it had achieved 8K real-time encoding and streaming with ‘zero compromise’. They join a growing list of companies that can now do live 8K encoding for contribution or distribution purposes. Synamedia’s solution uses their VIVID Compression platform powered by AMD’s 3rd Generation EPYC 7763 processors. These server-class CPU processors feature 64 cores and 128 threads operating at 2.45 GHz with a boost to 3.5 GHz. Synamedia’s solution does not require dedicated GPU memory or other hardware acceleration. This streamlined approach eliminates issues with memory communication and throughput, as well as local video quality variations.

According to Jan De Cock, Synamedia’s Director Codec Development, “The VIVID platform is technology delivering the best video quality for all common codecs and formats. This high-end quality is achieved thanks to years of codec optimization as well as our VIVID-AI integration.” We asked De Cock what codecs are supported for 8K encoding. “HEVC today as decoding is supported on standard hardware and TV sets, and we are currently working on supporting AV1 and VVC. “

Source: AMD

One of the key advancements that Synamedia discussed in their press release was the ability to encode a full frame of 8K video. That’s a good advancement as some older-generation encoders needed to break the 8K into four tiles or slices for encoding – a less efficient and more limited approach.  

But compression is just one part of the Synamedia solution. Their virtual Digital Content Manager (vDCM) is a software-based video stream processor that combines many video processing operations, including input (SDI), processing, encoding and packaging on a single server.

Synamedia can offer full-frame, 60p, 10-bit, 4:2:0 live 8K encoding via its cloud-based video quality analysis solution, Video-Quality-as-a-Service (VQaaS). According to De Cock, a single 7763 CPU and HEVC codec cab achieve this. It is a single-pass encode that features Synamedia’s AI-based rate control. Premium quality 8K video is encoded at 40-80 Mbps depending on the content type.

VQaaS provides both objective measurement and subjective visualization analysis, resulting in a simplified way to measure improvements of 8K video quality. “To simplify operations and have a nice out-of-the-box experience, Synamedia can also ship our XXL appliance with the 8K compression software included,” continued De Cock. “This fully tested and installed appliance can supply a straightforward way to do 8K compression.”

De Cock also noted that they have been testing 8K encoding and delivery with some customers, and he hopes to reveal more soon. “I can say, however, that we have successfully run tests to encode and package 8K in a DASH container to deliver it to a Samsung 8K TV,” concluded De Cock.

AMD EPYC processors coupled with Synamedia’s advanced compression algorithms offer operators and multiple video programming distributors (MVPDs) significant capital and operational costs savings. This achieves a reduced footprint and power consumption while creating consumption-based business models based on VIVID Video Workflows-as-a-Service.

“The flexibility of using one CPU without a single technological compromise allows us to provide our customers with the ability to bring more 8K content to the market at an affordable price to enable the 8K economy,” said Elke Hungenaert, Vice President, Product Management, Synamedia.

Synamedia’s video network portfolio is at the heart of premium quality broadcast and broadband video for more than 1,000 operators worldwide, reaching 100 million daily viewers.

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