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March 29, 2022

Sony Venice 2 Camera Gets Netflix Approved

The Y.M. Cinema blog reported that the Sony VENICE 2 8K camera had been approved by Netflix, the tenth Sony model to receive the recognition. It’s the first 8K camera from the firm to get the accolade, with all the others being Ultra HD, DCI 4K, or 6K. RED has six 8K models approved, and Panavision has one.

Sony VENICE 2 8k camera

Netflix requests that 90% of the total runtime of any final program should be captured on an approved camera, although it can be less for non-fiction content. For example, nature or other documentaries may need specialized cameras. However, Netflix asks for test footage to be shot with unapproved cameras to ensure compatibility.

Netflix accepts content in Ultra HD and Full HD, depending on the type of content, and may request other resolutions.

As well as cameras, the firm has recommendations for monitors, including a requirement for 1000 cd/m2 peak luminance in monitors for HDR color grading of Netflix content, while SDR content requires just 100 cd/m2 peak.

The Netflix partner site has a lot of helpful information and guidance on setting up equipment and workflows to manage resolution and color correctly.

The 8K Association has initiated a project to develop an 8K Capture Guidelines report modeled on recommendation reports like the one from Netflix. The 8KA report’s goal is to create capture guidelines that will allow the future-proofing of content to be rendered at 8K now or at a later date. Look for this in the coming months.

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