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March 19, 2024

Sigma’s Cine Primes Are so Good They’re Official Test Lenses

The Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA), which last week held its Expo in Los Angeles, has selected Sigma Cine lenses as its new standardized test lens. We reported on Sigma’s lenses after our visit to the BSC Expo in London recently.

8K Association Comment

Lenses are by their nature, analog devices. As such, their performance can be harder to characterize than digital devices. However, without great lenses, results from 8K content will be less good than they should be. In the early days of 4K, many of the lenses on 4K projectors were really not good enough to display the images well, but this was hard to understand without stringent tests. The GCSA will need really great lenses to make the most of the content in their members’ planetariums and other large format display venues.

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