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January 18, 2022

Samsung Electronics Reveals New TV Features at CES 2022

Samsung Electronics revealed some new TV models at CES 2022, like the new screen sized for microLED TVs (89” and 101”), but mostly talked about new features that could be implemented in what they are now calling their microLED, NEO QLED, and lifestyle TV lines in 2022. The specific feature sets for each series and screen sizes will come later. (see our booth video here)

Samsung Display has also revealed their QD Display technology – a hybrid OLED and quantum dot approach. Still, Samsung Electronics has not announced plans for their technology yet (Sony has publicly committed to commercializing).

miniLED Backlight Upgrade 

Some of the innovations Samsung was highlighting were in the LCD miniLED backlight. Here, they have increased grayscale control from 12-bit to 14-bit. The resulting 4X increase in LED brightness levels to 16,384 may not sound like much, but it makes a visible difference.

The new “Shape Adaptive Control” feature allows for better control over the miniLEDs in the backlight to reduce blooming effects. This innovation is enabled by multiple miniLEDs arranged in a dimmable zone. Each LED can also be controlled to some degrees to adjust the zone light profile. This control modestly helps in better dark detail expression and brighter small object luminance.

Credit: Chris Chinnock

Processing Upgrades 

Determining and processing an object on the screen against its background creates a sense of depth, leading to greater realism.

Additionally, Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED features EyeComfort mode, automatically adjusting the screen’s brightness and tone based on a built-in light sensor and sunset/sunrise information. As the ambient light changes, the screen will gradually reduce the amount of light and offer warmer tones, adjusting the blue light levels accordingly.  

User Interface

Samsung’s 2022 Smart TVs come with a new Smart Hub with a sidebar for transition between categories – Media, Game (Gaming Hub), and Ambient (see separate article on new gaming hub features, 144 Hz panels, and more here). A clever watch-together feature allows users to video chat with friends and family while watching their favorite shows, sporting events, or movies.

SEC TV Samsung Electronics New TV Features
Credit: Chris Chinnock

Samsung also continues their multi-view feature allowing four separate sources of content to be displayed on the screen in various configurations.

SEC TV Samsung Electronics New TV Features
Credit: Chris Chinnock

Other Upgrades

Last year’s OTS (Object Tracking Sound) gets an upgrade to OTS Pro by adding up-firing speakers for overhead sounds expanding the existing ability to direct the sound to move across the room along with the object on-screen. Dolby Atmos is supported as well, but Dolby Vision is not.

Smart Calibration, called EZCal, is a new feature showcased at CES on their new portable projector. The demo showed how EZcal could be used with a smartphone to color correct the projected image when not projected on a white screen or wall. Reportedly, this feature will be coming to TVs as well in 2022, allowing consumer calibration in about 30 seconds. There is also a Professional mode calibration that can optimize the screen in about 10 minutes.

In Lifestyle TVs, a new Matte Display with anti-glare, anti-reflection, and anti-fingerprint properties has been applied to The Frame, The Sero, and The Serif. These treatments give the artwork a more realistic and lifelike appearance. Samsung’s 2022 Lifestyle screens received three verifications from UL (Underwriter Laboratories): ‘Reflection Glare Free’, ‘Discomfort Glare Free’, and ‘Disability Glare Free’.

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