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January 9, 2024

Samsung Boosts 8K at CES 2024

Samsung showed a new top-of-the line 8K Ultra-Short Throw (UST) projector at CES 2024. It can project a 150″ image at just 12″ from the screen. The projection unit is separated from the control and input circuitry and is connected wirelessly (using WiFi 7 according to some reports). The unit was previewed at CES last year and the 8KA reported on it at the time. The triple laser projector has an impressive output level of 4000 Ansi lumens. ZDNet was very impressed by the new unit as was Toms Guide.

Image: Samsung

Neo QLED 8K Upgraded

Samsung has also upgraded its Neo QLED 8K TVs with the new NQ8 AI Gen 3 Processor which increases its number of neural networks from 64 to 512 while doubling the speed of the neural processing unit. The QN900D model features a new AI Upscaling Pro feature that is said to sharpen lower resolution content using AI. TV reviewer, John Archer, who saw the demo at CES said that

it’s a big improvement over any previous 8K upscaler I’ve ever seen, delivering some genuinely remarkable results.

Other features from the new processor are:

  • AI Motion Enhancer Pro: Solves common issues in sporting contents — such as ball distortion — by streaming high-resolution sports matches through this feature powered by NQ8 AI Gen3. The feature automatically detects the sport type and uses deep learning to apply the proper ball detection model.
  • * Real Depth Enhancer Pro: Adds details to fast-moving scenes using AI to precisely control mini LEDs. By detecting the part of a scene that the human eye would naturally focus on and bringing it to the foreground, images appear more lifelike and three dimensional.

The QN900D has what Samsung calls its ‘Infinity Air Design’ which has a screen only 12.9mm in depth allowing, the firm said, for an immersive viewing experience that focuses on high resolution and outstanding sound quality. It is also offers a unique mirror effect in which the TV appears to hover in its surroundings.

As well as its 8K Neo QLED display Samsung showed a new ‘glare-free’ flagship QD-OLED TV and extended its range of OLED TVs down to include 42″ and 48″ units based, we believe, on LG Display WOLED panels. Peak brightness of the 2024 QD-OLED models is said to be up to 3,000 cd/m2 as OLED strives to compete with the high brightness of miniLED LCD TVs. As before, Samsung’s OLED TV models are limited to 4K/UltraHD resolution.

Editor’s Comment

However, Samsung Display (the panel division, not the TV business) now has a new 32″ monitor panel that has 4K/UltraHD resolution – at 140 ppi rather than. the 110ppi of last year. That means that the firm could make a 65″ panel with 8K resolution. In combination with the upscaler, that would be a mouth-watering combination for the ultimate flat panel TV. At the moment Samsung Display says it has no plans to make such a panel, but we’d love to see such a combination! – Editor

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