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January 30, 2024

Revolutionizing ProAV Networks: intoPIX Unveils TicoXS FIP for Unmatched 4K & 8K AVoIP Excellence at ISE 2024

‘The Codec company for those that don’t want to use a codec’, IntoPIX, said that at ISE it would show:

Lightweight TicoXS FIP FPGA sub-system IP cores and software (to) enable the distribution and extension of 4K & 8K audiovisual content with ultra-low latency and impeccable quality, whether over existing Cat5e cables or cutting-edge wireless technologies.

The FPGA cores and the software demonstrated at ISE were to include indeed the support of the new JPEG XS TDC profile released in 2024. The 4K/8K encoder and decoder sub-system FPGA IP is available on AMD and Intel FPGA and FPGA SoC platforms, facilitating the design of AV-over-IP products onto a single chip.

8K Association Comment

The increasing use of networking technology for the distribution of high quality video content is developing rapidly. Simplifying the integration of this technology into SOCs and other chips will reduce the cost and complexity of supporting 8K in this application.

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