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September 14, 2022

Report Highlights Viability of 8K Live Production and Delivery

Sept. 9, 2022 – The 8K Association (8KA) has released an updated report titled: The State of Live 8K Production; A Summary of Standards, Codecs, Encoders, Decoders, and Demonstrations, and Workflows for Live 8K Video Productions. The latest version updates industry developments since the publishing of the original document in November 2021 and demonstrates the viability of 8K Live Production and Delivery. Download the free report HERE.

Produced by the members of the 8K Association’s Encode/Decode committee, the report adds new details on the 8K workflows for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The summer Olympics featured live-streaming delivery of 8K/60FPS/HDR video content over the open Internet to users in multiple locations, including Japan, the USA, the EU and Brazil. The Winter Olympics showcased the delivery of 8K Virtual Reality content to a global audience, again using the open Internet for delivery to multiple platforms.

Intel Xeon Scalable Processor-based hardware and Spin Digital encoding software provided the foundation for the delivery of 8K content for both events. Details of the workflow are provided in the report.

“Seeing is believing is what we say about both of the demonstrations,” noted Ravi Velhal, Director- Global Technology and Standards at Intel Research. “Once you see and experience these demonstrations, you understand the value of such high-quality capture, production and delivery in collaboration with our global ecosystem partners.”

Other updates to the report include

  • Updates to the tables describing broadcast standards and their support for 8K
  • Updates to the list of available real-time 8K encoders and decoders
  • Addition of other 8K live events, like BT Sport’s UK Premier Rugby match sent to consumers

ABOUT THE 8K Association:

Established in January 2019, the 8K Association (8KA) has grown to encompass a broad membership of leading companies representing all parts of the 8K ecosystem. 8KA member companies are at the forefront of delivering the most impressive images from lens to living room.

The organization’s mission is to grow appreciation and awareness of 8K products, providing an even higher level of large-screen entertainment. Our activities include the development of TV performance and interface specifications, compliance logo programs, education and coordination with 8K ecosystem developers to help build the 8K market. The 8K Association is composed of over 30 member companies who represent global leadership in consumer electronics, display manufacturing, ingredient technology providers as well as content and distribution.

The 8K Association site for industry professionals is available at:

Find 8K Association Certified products and learn about how 8K can be enjoyed at home at the 8K Association site for consumers:

Register for the Association’s weekly newsletter, the 8K Monitor, here.

Companies interested in contacting the 8KA for additional information may reach us at:

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