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March 16, 2023

Pi to Be Released in High Definition

A black and white movie, “Pi” made 25 years ago, for just $60,000 has been remastered for display on IMAX screens. It was made with 16mm reversal stock. To show it previously, it was re-captured in 35mm negative format and then printed. That meant that all versions of the original had been through several processing steps. Going digital meant being able to go back to the original and then being able to “polish the film like never before.” The use of 8K masters meant that grain was very big, but that was fine with the creators. The audio was also remastered into the latest Dolby Atmos format for more immersion.

In the early days of HD scanning, interference with film grain could be a real issue, but with 8K, there is enough difference to mean accurate capture of the grain of the original.

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