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August 16, 2022

Our Comments – CTA: U.S. 8K TV SHIPMENTS TO CLIMB 70% IN 2022

According to the US-based Consumer Technologies Association (CTA), quoted by, the US market for 8K TVs will reach 160,000 in 2022, up 70% from 2021. That is in contrast to an overall drop of about 0.2% in revenue for the whole market (down $1 billion to $503 billion). The CTA also forecasts that sales will reach 479,000 in this report in 2023. There have been some negative comments in the press recently, but a market with 299% growth in one year seems quite positive. The report also said that OLED TVs should reach 2.37 million units in 2022 in the US, representing 7.8% of the market by volume. They are expected to grow to 3.83 million in 2023, 6.93 million in 2025, and 9.25 million at the end of 2026.

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