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April 4, 2022

Highlights of Samsung’s TV Unboxing Event

Samsung held its Unboxing event to announce its 2022 TV range and focused entirely on its Neo QLED 8K sets. Particular highlights that we saw were the ability to pair the new 8K sets with the recently announced Galaxy S22 smartphone, which can capture 8K native resolution content. Samsung said that once the devices are paired, 8K content from the smartphone can be played back on the 8K TV.

The set also includes a Neural Quantum Processor with 20 independent AI Neural networks that can work on separate parts of the displayed image to support better image quality on native 8K and upscaled content.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K sets
The 20 Neural Processors can work on individual areas of a frame.

Highlighting the value for the better color of the QD technology used in the sets, Samsung said that all Neo QDLED 8K sets are ‘Pantone Validated’ for color. You can see what that means in a video here. In summary, the approval means that the white point, gamma, and color accuracy will deliver consistent results in at least one mode.

Other points from the presentation include:

  • The sets have Smart Home hub functions to allow them to be used for home control
  • They have new packaging using less ink, no metal staples, and remotes with solar cells and recharge by harvesting 2.6GHz Wi-Fi.
  • You can use the set to buy digital NFT artwork (via Nifty Gateway). Display settings are automatically optimized for NFTs.
  • There is streaming gaming from Nvidia, Stadia, and Utomik.
  • Games can be played at 4K@144Hz with just 5ms of input lag.
  • More miniLEDs are present at higher density (but no data given) with 14-bit control, up from 12 bit.
  • Improved audio includes integration between the set and soundbars.
  • New mounts allow the display to be very close to the wall or supported on a light-looking tripod. The sets can use an optional rotating mount system to adopt a vertical orientation automatically.

You can see our CES 2022 coverage of Samsung TVs here, here, and here.

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