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April 21, 2021

French TéléSatellite Finds Strategy Analytics 8K Projections Excessive, We Don’t!

French industry publication Télé Satellite Numérique describes Strategy analytics 8K market projections of 1M 8K TV sets to be sold in 2021 and 4M in 2022 as overly optimistic (here in French). They argue that the 350k sales in 2020 (with the postponement of the Olympic games) doesn’t show that trend and as with all the Naysayers, they point to the lack of content and high prices of TV sets.

We at the 8K Association are more optimistic and respectfully disagree. As we report here weekly, 8K capabilities have already penetrated the whole production ecosystem with more vendors offering 8K options all the time. Complete workflows are now available so that 8K production is possible in almost any context including live production.

On the TV set price side, we don’t believe that the argument that 8K TVs are too expensive holds in 2021. Indeed, today’s 8K sets, starting below 2,000 USD are much less expensive than 4K sets were at this stage in 4K’s deployment (circa 2012) or even than HD flatscreens circa 1998. From just 5,000 USD you can purchase a truly high-end 8K TV today.

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