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January 23, 2024

France Brings 4K to Free-to-air Terrestrial TV

France Télévisions has introduced 4K Free-to-air Terrestrial TV in most of the country and nine overseas territories using the France 2 channel. On July 10th it will extend the service to the France 3 channel although it is unclear that France 3 will continue after the Paris Olympic Games.

Intially, broadcasts will be available in the Paris, Nantes and Bordeaux regions, before being extended to Toulouse and Rennes on February 27. Over 70% of homes have 4K TVs in the country, it has been estimated.

8KA Comment

It is positive to see that as the technology becomes more accessible and capable of transmitting more resolution using newer and better codecs, broadcasters are looking at boosting the quality of their output.

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