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April 20, 2023

DJI’s new Inspire 3 is a flying 8K movie-making camera under a powerful drone

The Verge (and pretty well every other video-related website) reported on the new DJI Inspire 3 8K drone-based full-frame camera. The unit is intended for professional applications and supports up to DCI 8K at 8192 x 4320 (and up to 8192 x 5456 in still mode) at up to 75fps. Content is captured in MOV or CinemaDNG format as well as ProResRAW and H.264 (there are charges for a RAW recording license). There is a list of supported formats here. Live video can be streamed for monitoring up to 1080p/60fps and 4K/30fps.

There are samples captured from the camera here in up to 8K.

The drone costs $16,499

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