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July 7, 2021

DisplayWeek 8K Exhibit Short Takes – Part 2

The Society of Information Displays (SID) had its annual major symposium and trade expo (virtually) recently (DisplayWeek).  This conference covers a wide range of display topics with some going deep into the display technology weeds. Below we summarize some of the highlights related to 8K displays from the exhibit part of the event. A previous article looked at 8K in the symposium area. Those interested in more details need to register to access the papers. Part 1 of the Exhibit short takes is HERE.

Japanese equipment provider Astrodesign provided information on a range of 8K products they offer.  This included an 8K/120p or 8K/60p live transmission system solution as shown below.  8K/120p capture is clearly possible but does require a lot of equipment.  Astrodesign makes all this equipment (which is sometime rebranded by others).

Astrodesign also highlighted their new HDMI 2.1 signal generator (VG-879) for testing all of the key features offered in the standard to test source and sink devices. It can also set HDR parameters for testing an 8K TV and supports many audio formats.   The HDMI 2.1 protocol analyzer (VA-1847) is used for packet testing and data communications to validate sink and source connections. It is handy for testing 8K gaming consoles, graphics boards, and cables.

Many more 8K products were listed as well. This included a display MTF measurement system, Tamazone real-time 8K workstation, HDMI 2.1 Cable Checker

Radiant Vision Systems introduced their new ProMetric Imaging Metrology Solution that features a 61-megapixel sensor.  This makes it ideal for capturing sub-pixel details on 8K TVs.

Test equipment vendor Chroma noted that it now offers a pattern generator (model 2918) that can be used for 8K SHV (Super Hi-Vision 7680×4320 / 8192×4320) testing. It supports 6- to 12-bit color depth and user-editable patterns.

Chroma also offers an HDMI 8K Media Player (model A223812) that can support playout at 7680×4320 in 8/10 bit color; YCbCr 4:2:0 with HEVC encoding. A third 8K supported product is a 12G-SDI signal module (model A223800).