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May 16, 2022

Comment – Samsung Moves 8K LED Down in Size

Samsung launched its latest versions of ‘The Wall’narrow pitch LED technology at the recent ISE trade show and intended for commercial applications.  The company moved to a new small pitch of 0.63mm. The new pitch means that an 8K display can be made at 220″, substantially smaller than Samsung has made previously. The cabinets are also larger than previous versions which means fewer cabinets – 4 for UltraHD and 16 for 8K.

Other improvements are a new ‘Black Seal’ technology for better black levels and an ultra-low reflective film. Video processing is at 20 bits and peak brightness is as high as 1,400 cd/m². The display refreshes at up to 120Hz.

There’s a video of the display here.

The combination of this fine pitch with high peak brightness  is very difficult to pull off – only the better makers and usually those using some kind of common cathode architecture which is more efficient. As well as the driving circuitry, the mechanical design also has to be very good to deal with thermal issues.

Note the original article quoted brightness incorrectly as 2,000 cd/m² – apologies for the inaccuracy.

Samsung’s 8K 220″ The Wall at ISE
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