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May 29, 2022

Comment – Samsung & LG 8K TV Bargains Galore

Suppose you are looking for a TV bargain on Memorial Day in the US. In that case, there’s an ‘epic deal’ in the words of Tom’s Hardware, available from LG at Best Buy with LG65″ Nanocell 99 Series 8K TV available for just $999. It’s an older model, but Tom’s points out, “it’s $2,00 off”, for one of the best deals ever on 8K. Meanwhile, Samsung is not to be left out. There is a great deal on 2021 Samsung 8K Neo QLED sets at up to $4,000 off for the 85″ QN900A. That’s down from $8999 to $4,999. There are more hot deals for Samsung sets here.

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