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May 2, 2022

Comment – LG Display Considering OLEDs for Headsets

Business Korea reported that LG Display is monitoring the market for ‘Extended Reality’ and said it would enter if the market is big and profitable enough. It has been pointed out that an 8K OLED would make a good display for this kind of headset. (JVC showed a new headset – shown below – that uses this kind of optics at London’s IT2EC simulation/training show last week).

Our Take

A flexible OLED could be used as a display technology with ‘birdbath’ optics to create a headset, although most headset makers are looking at microdisplays. The deep blacks and wide color gamut of OLED could make a compelling experience, although the relatively complex backplanes of OLEDs make 8K harder to make than with LCDs. We’ll be at Display Week in a week and will ask LG Display if it has more news.

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