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May 23, 2022

Comment – JDI Makes an OLED Patterning Breakthrough

Japan Display Inc announced a new method of patterning RGB ‘side-by-side’ OLEDs using photolithography that opens the door for its use on TV-sized panels. Up to now, there has only been one commercially successful way of depositing RGB OLED materials, which is using a fine metal mask (FMM), but this is limited to G6 substrates – which are optimized for relatively small displays. The alternative is to use unpatterned layers of OLED material with a color filter, which LG Display does for TV-sized OLEDs (WOLED). The JDI breakthrough suggests that makers could use G8 to G10 fabs to make large RGB OLEDs for TVs with higher brightness and lower power consumption than WOLED and could be made at a competitive cost. The move could help develop better 8K OLED TV panels with better IGZO technologies. JDI calls the technology eLEAP.

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