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September 18, 2023

And You Thought 8K Was High Resolution!

There has been much reporting of the ‘Sphere’ facility in Las Vegas which is a new concert venue that is covered, inside and out, with LEDs to create an amazingly eye-catching location and an immersive experience. Less has been said about a camera that was developed to capture the content.

The Petapixel website dug ‘into the weeds’ of the camera but some highlights from the specification of the Big Sky camera include:

  • 18K x 18k resolution (that’s a total of 316 megapixels – equivalent to 10 8K displays!)
  • A 77.5 x 75.6 mm custom sensor (that’s almost seven times more area than a ‘full frame’ camera sensor)
The Big Sky Sensor is as big as nearly seven ‘full frame’ sensors.
  • Recording in the media recorder at 30 Gigabytes/second
  • A media magazine of 32 terabytes lasts just 17 minutes

The development group started the design process with an array of existing 8K cameras in a custom housing. 

As well as using the camera in-house, the developers, based in LA, are talking to film-makers and others about using the technology.

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