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September 4, 2022

An 8K TV is not just about the 8K

At the 8K Association, we like the technology’s resolution, but a recent review of a Samsung 8K set highlighted a point we’ve heard made a lot lately. Spatial resolution (like 8K) is important but only one of several features that make an 8K TV a good choice.

For many brands, 8K sets are the ‘flagship’ set at the top of the line, often including other features that add to an exclusive TV experience. For example:

  • LCD 8K TVs these days usually have the latest miniLED backlight technology. These TVs will also have more dimming zones and more sophisticated processing to deliver better image quality at any resolution.
  • The 8K TVs will have the widest color gamut (WCG). This is the case whether an OLED panel or, in for LCDs, a WCG system that uses special phosphors or quantum dots (or both) to produce the most extensive range of colors.
  • 8K sets need more processing power so that they will also include the most powerful and newest signal and image processing SoCs.
  • As set makers are aware that the level of native 8K content is still in the ‘ramp-up’ stage, they are putting in their best upscaling technology. If you like gaming on a TV, an 8K set will easily display 4K at 120Hz with the added option of upscaling.
  • 8K work best with the highest level of HDMI – version 2.1 with up to 48Gbps – so that is included in today’s 8K sets.
  • As the flagship, 8K sets will have the best audio features and performance, superb styling, and quality materials.

As the reviewer points out, even if you don’t feel you need the 8K resolution, you’ll get a great TV!

Samsung 8K TV Neo QLED
The Samsung QE75QN900B was the reviewed set.
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