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February 24, 2023

A Change in Emphasis

As part of the changes at the 8K Association recently, you’re going to see change in the balance of activities. The Association has always understood that for 8K to thrive, you need the content, the means to deliver that content and the displays to show it. The technologies that are needed to capture, deliver and display 8K are now available. As NHK recently reported, 8K content creation has become no more difficult than 4K or FullHD.

Now is the time to ensure that the creative community understands that 8K is available to deliver more immersiveness and a more compelling experience than ever before. A wide range of software tools have become available to enable storytelling in 8K. The hardware is now available to edit 8K content efficiently and economically. 8K is no longer an exotic option.

As part of this shift in emphasis, Mike Fidler, the newly-appointed Executive Director of the Association will be attending the DEG EnTech Fest 2023 on March 29th in Los Angeles and will be moderating a panel looking at the way that 8K can expand the creator’s palette. He will be joined by executives from Amazon Studios, IMAX and others. Last year, more than 500 executives attended the inaugural event.

There will also be demonstrations of 8K encoding technology at NAB in Las Vegas, where the Association will have a booth along with a number of members and partners.

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