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September 13, 2022

8KA Quick Take Video News from IFA

Bob Raikes from the 8K Association was at IFA to look at the development of 8K. If you want to look at his round-up of 8K news, it’s here. However, if you want to jump into his video news from IFA, here they are with a comment or two.

Samsung is by far the dominant supplier of 8K TVs as well as all other TVs – it has around a third of the market, but around 2/3 of the 8K set market. It was at IFA promoting the 8K Neo QLED sets as well as its MicroLED and QD-OLED sets which are just 4k.
In the absence of Sony (apart from for meetings with dealers) and Philips, TCL was able to make a big statement about its 8K sets including the biggest.

If you are in the TV set business in Europe, you will know Vestel, which makes sets under many brands, including its own.
Vestel also licenses the Toshiba brand for TVs in Europe.
LG was also highlighting its QNED miniLED 8K sets at the show. It also had a new 97″ OLED, but, sadly, it’s only 4K.

Metz is not a name that will be known outside Europe but it has developed an interesting multi-brand strategy since being taken over by Skyworth of China
In the IFA Next technology section, Bob spotted a company from China called Kanda that has an 8K 360 degree camera that can live stream 8K raw video for security and other applications. 8K really makes a huge difference when you are capturing 360 degree video. Kanda also has a 12K version based on an engine from the Fraunhofer HHI.

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