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May 7, 2022

Comment – Most 8K Sets to Use MiniLED LCDs says DSCC

Market research analysts, Display Supply Chain Consultants, recently published a blog article on Advanced TV (registration required). The blog post forecasts growing sales for advanced TV, which the firm defines as including 8K and other technologies such as LCDs with quantum dots, OLED, and QD-OLED, and exotic items such as Samsung’s microLED TVs.

There is competition between LCDs with miniLED backlights, which can bring high contrast and high brightness, and OLEDs and QD-OLEDs have great contrast in lower ambient lighting but have less peak brightness. DSCC believes that miniLED will be the main pathway for 8K TVs as most 8K sets will include the technology from this year, for example, Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K sets.

MiniLED TV Shipments by Screen Size, 2020 to 2026. Source: DSCC

MiniLED sets are set for solid growth over the next few years as it has a substantial cost advantage over OLED in the largest screen sizes, which are becoming more and more popular and make the most of the 8K format.

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