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September 26, 2022

8K Video News from IBC (Part 2) 

The 8K Monitor attended IBC 2022 and captured 8K video news with a focus on 8K production, 8K encoding and 8K VR. Below is Part 2 of our report, which focuses on 8K VR and 8K cameras and production.

There is a clear industry need for more 8K live camera solutions, and RED used IBC 2022 to introduce their solution called RED Connect. It takes the RED RAW camera output and converts it to an IP solution that can be sent live over a CAT5 cable. They showed a broadcast and 360-degree VR demos using this solution.
V-Nova’s LCEVC encoding technology can be used with any codec to create a base and enhancement layer. At IBC 2022, they described the development of the ecosystem surrounding LCEVC, which can be implemented as hardware or software on the encode or decode side.
ZTE is using a new chip from AmLogic to power a new set-top box capable of 8K playback over an HDMI 2.1 interface. There is also a USB-C port to support VR headsets.
PresenZ has technology that can turn 3-degree-of-freedom VR content into 6-degree-of-freedom content. They do this by developing a point cloud rendering of the VR environment and compressing that using LCEVC. This enables the creation of the viewbox instead of a viewport to interact with the VR content with impressive results.
Advantech makes a PCI-based board for encoding 8K content. One of the applications they highlighted was a multi-camera volumetric video solution used for baseball, with the image created and encoded in an 8K video frame.
Canon offers an 8K mirrorless camera with a stereo lens attachment. At IBC 2022, they teamed with high-end headset maker Varjo to show off the capabilities of this camera for VR content creation.
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