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September 20, 2022

8K Video News from IBC (Part 1)

The 8K Monitor attended IBC 2022 and captured 8K video news with a focus on 8K production, 8K encoding and 8K VR. Below is Part 1 of our report, which focuses on encoding and codec development.

NHK is showing multi-layer coding technologies. The idea is to create a single-bit stream with three different layers, all VVC based. In their demo, there are three layers; HD at 1 Mbps, 4K at 9 Mbps, and 8K at 25 Mbps. To view the 8K image, you combine the three layers, so 35 Mbps. This allows a single file for broadcast or OTT applications to serve many different platforms simultaneously.
Spin Digital was showing the state-of-the-art for live VVC encoding. Their workflow allows for creating a 4K/60p or an 8K/30p signal in real-time, along with MPEG-H immersive audio. With next-generation Intel hardware, they should reach 8K/60p live encoding, which is already possible with HEVC at 50 Mbps.
MainConcept showed cloud-based encoding using VVC. Using one AWS instance with an AMD Epyc processor, they could live encode 4K/60p, 1080/60p and 720/30p content simultaneously. These streams run at 8, 4 and 1 Mbps. Live 8K is not yet supported but can be done offline.
Astrodesign showed how live 8K signals could be easily distributed in a production environment using JPEG-XS. Their demo featured their 8K camera routing an 8K/60p signal compressed at 20:1 with JPEG-XS and formatted for IP transport over fiber at 2 Gbps. They showed an image with and without the JPEG-XS implemented with no visual difference.
ATEME highlighted how they could support encoding using multiple codecs, including VVC. Although their demo featured only 4K content, bit rates were low (12 to 16 Mbps). They hope to demonstrate live 8K encoding with VVC for the next NAB. They also described the benefits of film grain synthesis to offer a dramatic bit rate saving with AV1.
IntoPix highlighted the use of its JPEG-XS FIP profile which includes error consealment and better coding efficiency. They showed a send/receive demo of 4K/60p 444 HDR content over a 60Ghz wireless link with very low latency (or 8K/30p HDR at 1.6 Gbps over CAT5). The next demo used the TICO-XS High profile to transmit 8K/30p 444 over CAT5 at 1 Gbps. Another demo featured TICO-RAW on the Nikon Z9 that can output 8K/60p live to the display – similar to what we saw at NAB.
IntoPix highlighted the ecosystem development of their TICO-XS codec by showing a number of partner products and use cases. Dayang has an 8K encoder they used for the Beijing Olympics, Village Island can encode two 8K channels, and Appear used JPEG-XS for a live sports application.
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