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May 26, 2021

8K Use Cases Presented at the ETRI/KBS Workshop

During the ETRI/KBS workshop run partly on-site in Korea and partly online on April 28th, 2021, 8K Association Executive Director Chris Chinnock gave an update on eleven use cases for 8K video.

  1. The first use case that we all know about is of course for entertainment with movies & TV content where 8K improves picture quality.
  2. Medicine is another use case where 8K’s higher resolution and better color accuracy offer a wider surgical field and improvements in endoscopic surgery, telemedicine and education.
  3. In sports, full-field capture is now possible providing a better sense of being there.
  4. For the security market, the higher resolution HDR images brought by 8K will enable better threat identification in private, government and military applications.
  5. For cultural applications such as video for museums, high-resolution images bring audiences closer to real objects.
  6. In shopping centers, stadiums, planetariums, theme parks, arenas, theaters, and similar locations, large digital canvases will leverage the extra resolution for an improved customer experience.
  7. In the enterprise market, remote inspections can use the higher resolution 8K offers to evaluate pipes, roads, buildings or bridges, for example, in hard-to-reach areas.
  8. Simulation for military, transportation, industrial or research use cases will benefit from higher fidelity visualization.
  9. In the corporate market board rooms, lobbies or VIP lounges will get a WOW factor when using 8K.
  10. The latest generation of high-end smartphones already supports 8K filming so that User-Generated Content will become more commonplace, bringing new content to 8K TVs with the opportunity for high-quality stills.
  11. Finally, thanks to new graphics cards and processors, the latest generation of the leading gaming consoles (PS5 and Xbox X) has brought the gaming market to 8K.

You can watch that presentation on our YouTube channel here.