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May 15, 2022

8K Highlights from DisplayWeek 2022

The 8K Monitor was at the SID DisplayWeek event, where we spent our time on the show floor. More in-depth coverage of 8K exhibitor news will be forthcoming in articles and videos, plus some analysis of important symposium papers in the coming weeks. We attempt to provide a high-level round-up of 8 K-related exhibitor news.

LG Display

LG Display had perhaps the most impressive 8K display at the show. A 77” OLED model reached 2000 nits in a 3% window – nearly twice as bright as more conventional WOLED panels. The content looked terrific. LGD calls the new technology meta-lit lens array (MLA), creating curved lens surfaces inside the panel. No details of the process were revealed, but we will try to learn more soon. LGD even claims to have improved off-axis performance.


Panel maker BOE was showing three 8K demos. One was a 75” 8K LCD TV that pushed refresh rate limits to 288 Hz. Last February, we wrote about BOE’s demo of a 27” 1080p panel with a 500 Hz refresh rate, so this seems to be an extension to 8K. BOE also showed an awe-inspiring 95” 8K white OLED display. Mass production plans for neither technology were announced, however. Finally, they showed a 110” 8K panel fitted with a lenticular lens that created a 19-view autostereoscopic display. Unfortunately, this one broke down before I could see it. A second display that did not travel well and was unavailable for viewing was a 55″ 8K electro-luminescent quantum dot display. This technology uses current to activate the red, green and blue quantum dots instead of photons, which are used in all current quantum dot TVs.


Pane maker China Star showcased a 65” 8K OLED TV fabricated using inkjet printing via a partnership with JOLED. Although it was a little low on overall luminance at 600 nits, it looked very good. Mass production may be decided at the end of the year.


Innolux did not show 8K TV panels but did highlight a panel with 9K x 1.3K resolution targeted at automakers. It is a miniLED backlight LCD with an instrument cluster area for the driver and a center display section for car interface options.


Mercedes-Benz had its new EQS car on the show floor with its pillar-to-pillar dashboard display fabricated from three individual displays. It looked fantastic. This model also has an option for the 8Kx2K resolution back seat entertainment screen, but that was not displayed in the model on the show floor, unfortunately.


HYPHY has developed a new compression technology targeting large display solutions. According to the company, large TVs, especially 8K ones, are challenged to create content from the TV’s SoC to the TCON (Timing and Control) module and from the TCON to the display source driver chips. Their solution is meant to address this pain point.

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