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April 21, 2021

8K Association Releases YouTube Channel

April 26, 2021 – The 8K Association (8KA), the cross-industry group dedicated to promoting the growth of the 8K ecosystem, has started an 8K Association YouTube channel. 8K-related content is organized into three playlists for particular industry needs:

In addition, YouTube channels of some of the member companies are on the site as well to learn more about 8K and other products and services from these member companies.

Educational video content includes four sessions from the SMPTE 2020 conference, a review of the State of the 8K Ecosystem, two panel discussions from NAB Express 2020 and more. Two new seminar presentations have just been added as well:

8K Entertainment content will be curated to allow consumers to enjoy high-quality 8K content on their TVs, while the products and reviews section can aid in purchasing 8K-related products.

The 8K Association has also established new Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to complement an existing Twitter account.

Established just 2 years ago, the 8K Association has grown to encompass a broad membership of leading companies that represent all parts of the 8K ecosystem. From 8K content creators and technology suppliers that enable 8K content creation to display semiconductor makers, panel manufacturers and the world’s biggest TV brands – 8KA member companies are at the forefront of delivering the most impressive images from lens to living room.

ABOUT THE 8K Association:

The organization’s mission is to grow appreciation and awareness of 8K products which will provide an even higher level of large screen entertainment. Our activities include development performance and interface specifications, compliance logo programs, education and coordination with 8K ecosystem developers to help build the 8K market. The 8K Association is composed of 27 member companies who represent global leadership in consumer electronics, display manufacturing, ingredient technology providers as well as content and distribution.

The 8K Association site for industry professionals is available at:

Find 8K Association Certified products and learn about how 8K can be enjoyed at home at the 8K Association site for consumers:

Companies interested in contacting the 8KA for additional information may reach us at:

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