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January 26, 2023

8K Association names Mike Fidler as its new Executive Director

Announcement tied to expansion of organization’s core mission.

Beaverton, OR – January 26, 2023 – In an effort specifically designed to build upon its founding mission, the 8K Association today announced that it has retained Mike Fidler, the highly regarded consumer entertainment veteran, as its new executive director.

MikeFidler, 8k Association Executive Director

Fidler will be responsible for furthering the adoption and implementation of 8K and its entire ecosystem – including the growing number and variety of compatible products – in a strategic manner, while conveying the 8K message effectively to all industry stake holders, including content creators, delivery platforms and the production community. 

Previously, Fidler served as senior executive for a number of major CE companies and organizations, where he was responsible for driving the launch of technologies such as DVD, Blu-ray Disc, 4K UHD, Digital Cinema and Filmmaker Mode. Given his extensive experience and strong relationships with manufacturers, retailers and buying groups, Fidler will be charged with enlisting their support of 8K as well.

According to Bill Mandel, president of the 8K Association, “Throughout his distinguished career, Mike Fidler has demonstrated a special ability to engage with leading executives from across the home entertainment landscape. As a result, he is uniquely qualified and poised to take 8K to the next level, for both our current communication and certification programs and expanding our consumer education efforts via conferences, webinars and trade events.”

“Mike will also be responsible for increasing 8K Association membership, establishing new promotion initiatives and generating greater awareness about the benefits of 8K as a whole,” Mandel added.

To learn more about the 8K Association, please contact Diana Oh care of:

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