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July 20, 2022

8K Association Member & Test Center Rosters Continue to Grow

Roku, Wyrestorm, HYPHY USA, ProITAV and 8K Video Artist Andrey Denisyuk join impressive 8K Association member roster while member UL Labs becomes certified 8K test center

July 20, 2022 – The 8K Association (8KA), the cross-industry group dedicated to promoting the growth of the 8K ecosystem, is proud to announce new member growth in the first half of 2022. Bringing the roster up to 33 members are newcomers Roku, HYPHY USA, Wyrestorm, ProITAV and content creator Andrey Denisyuk. In addition, UL Labs has had their test center audited and certified as an authorized test center (ATC), giving the 8K industry a total of 4 ATCs (Allion and UL in Taiwan, TTA in Korea, and SGS in Shanghai China).

As the #1 streaming platform by hours streamed in the United States (Nov. 2021), Roku delivers a seamless and premium streaming experience through their Roku streaming players, audio devices and Roku TV models with their global hardware partners. “At Roku, we continuously look for ways to utilize new technologies to provide the best possible streaming experience for our customers,” says Erwin Bellers, Director, Picture Quality, Roku. “Roku offers, through our partners, a large variety of products, including 8K TV models. Roku remains at the forefront of technology and through our collaboration with the 8K Association we strengthen our goal to make 8K more accessible and widely available for Roku streaming customers.”

WyreStorm is a leading manufacturer of AV signal distribution and control solutions for a multitude of different markets providing innovative single-platform and hybrid solutions. “Our interest in 8K is fairly simple—it is the newest technology and next generation of futureproofing,” notes Samantha Buchanan, Marketing Manager at Wyrestorm. “Our newest essentials products include new 8K 2.1 HDMI cables, switcher, and splitter. They are all compatible with native 8K60 content including HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG, plus HD audio.”

“HYPHY joined the 8K Association to partner with other display technology providers to enable affordable high-end 8K TV’s and displays”, commented Todd Rockoff, HYPHY CEO and Co-Founder. The video technology startup has developed new patent-protected ‘modulated analog’ video transport technology. “HYPHY’s 10X better video transport technology brings 8K display panel production costs into the range of today’s 4K products. We look forward to collaborating with fellow 8K Association members bringing 8K experiences to more people sooner.”

“ProITAV is proud to join the 8K Association with the goal of forging this new frontier together to bring our customers the most technologically advanced offerings available today and look forward to elevating this technology to the forefront of the AV industry”, said Managing Director, Keith Kennedy. “As a premier OEM/ODM manufacturer of AV signal management and UCC products, we are currently producing cutting edge 8K solutions and look forward to many exciting projects on the way.”

As a pioneer in 8K video, Andrey Denisyuk’s 8K videos were shown at the 2018 IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin during the presentation of Samsung’s first 8K TV, the Q900. “My current focus is to popularize 8K by combining the 8K standard and video art, to create new high-tech art,” noted Denisyuk. He is also the founder of THN Studio Corp.

“We are excited to continue facilitating industry advancements and collaboration for 8K streaming services,” said Chris Chinnock, 8KA Executive Director. “Currently, our members span the full 8K ecosystem—from content creation through production and to the consumer’s home—offering 8K-related technology, products, content or services to professionals and consumers. The steady growth of our esteemed membership roster is a testament to the importance of our mission.”


Established in January 2019, the 8K Association has grown to encompass a broad membership of leading companies that represent all parts of the 8K ecosystem. From 8K content creators and technology suppliers that enable 8K content creation to display semiconductor makers, panel manufacturers and the world’s biggest TV brands – 8KA member companies are at the forefront of delivering the most impressive images from lens to living room.

The organization’s mission is to grow appreciation and awareness of 8K products which will provide an even higher level of large screen entertainment. Our activities include development of performance and interface specifications, compliance logo programs, education and coordination with 8K ecosystem developers to help build the 8K market.  The 8K Association is composed of over 30 member companies who represent global leadership in consumer electronics, display manufacturing, ingredient technology providers as well as content and distribution.

Companies interested in contacting the 8KA for additional information may reach us at:

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