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The 8K Association: Collaborating to move 8K forward.

The 8K Association is not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organization open to any company with an interest in expanding the 8K ecosystem. A Board of Directors sets our strategy while Work Groups and Committees accomplish the goals and mission of the organization. The 8K Association offers several levels of Membership and leading consumer electronics brands, panel manufacturers, and other leadership companies within the 8K ecosystem comprise our current members.

Our Mission

The 8K Association has been organized to:

  • Help educate consumers and professionals about 8K
  • Encourage the expansion of the 8K ecosystem
  • Aid consumers in 8K buying decisions via certification activities
  • Embrace all uses of 8K
  • Promote 8K advancements, products and content
  • Help secure 8K native content for members
  • Facilitate industry communication about 8K advancements
  • Support 8K-related standardization efforts