The 8K Association (8KA) is structured as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation (business league).  Organizationally, it has a Board of Director, officers of the Corporation and Committees that will help develop and implement the strategy and mission of the 8KA.  Any company in the 8K value chain can join the organization.  There are three levels of membership.

  • Principal Member: seat on the Board, chair Committees, vote on corporate resolutions, use of logo for certified products
  • Associate Member: Participate in Committees, no voting power, can’t use logo
  • Individual Member: subject matter experts to serve on Committees, no voting power, invited by Principal or Associate members

Special member-only meeting will be organized to advance the work of its committees.  Anticipated Committees include:

  • Promotion Committee – develop marketing and promotional materials for consumers. Organize workshops.
  • Content Committee – work with content creators to educate on the benefits of 8K. Seek to license 8K content for use by member companies.
  • Certification Committee – work with panel makers and TV brands to develop a roadmap for future 8K features. Develop a set of minimum specifications for 8K display products and the metrology to certify compliance.
  • Distribution Committee – work with OTT, cable and broadcast partners to understand requirements for offering 8K distribution.
  • Technology Committee – Focus on key technology gating items to foster industry communication and speed commercialization. Example might be HDMI 2.1, 8K SoCs, 8K codecs, 8K distribution signaling, 8K upscaling, etc.